For many of us who are new to porn or who do not watch movies from the golden age of porn, we are accustomed to seeing waxed pussies on our screens. For the majority of models, full Brazilian waxes are the way to go. If they are not fully Brazilian, they are trimmed so that all that is visible are cute designs inviting you to come and lick where they want you to.

If you are a regular viewer of porn, the term 'hairy pussy' is probably not unfamiliar to you. There is an increasing number of porn enthusiasts who want to see the bush on the hottest new porn stars. While some argue that hairless pussy licking is preferable, some admirers disagree and wish to chew as much rug as possible. Allow me to take you on a tour of the world of hairy pussies.

We're talking about women who have been blessed with abundant bushes. When porn first gained popularity, there was no such thing as a hairy specialty in the porn business. This is because the majority of pornstars have the hairy type of pussies that fans adore, and hence have nothing unique about them. It was the shaven pussy that was deemed a novel form of fetish porn. Women without a hairy pussycat were seen as unique and recognized. The majority of pornstars in the 1970s had dense, hairy bushes that you could bury your face in while fucking.

After the 1980s, noticeable changes in women's hair began. While hairy pussies remained fashionable and the norm, pornstars had already begun cutting their hairy pussies. They treated them as if they were attractive hedges. The changes became apparent in the 1990s, when the majority of women transitioned from manicured pussies to landing strips, and eventually to a completely shaved pussy. This shift occurred not only in the pornosphere, but also among women in general. Then women began shaving and waxing their hairy pussies, primarily using Brazilian waxes. All we see now are shaved pussies, which is devastating for those who enjoy hairy pussies.

It appeared as though the hairy pussy was going out of fashion. And then something happened. Women began to desire to be alone with their sweet bushes. Rejoice, bush lovers! Now, spectators may observe as women create fresh porno have lush bushes to admire. Women with hairy pussies can be seen in these clips.

If you watch a lot of porn regularly, and for a more extended period of time, the word "hairy pussy" must have come up once or twice while you were scrolling up and down in search of that perfect video that will make you jizz all over yourself.

The "hairy" category of porn was fading away slowly, but with the appearance of some new hot pornstars that left their bush "unattended," this type of porn has yet again risen from its ashes and is making a statement. "You are not going to forget me that easily," those are the words this category would say if it could talk, but fortunately for all of us that have a browsing history, it's maybe better if it doesn't speak. There is still a growing number of porn fans that want to see a beautiful bush on a hot pornstar even today, and if a full-on bush is not your type, there are also fine trimmed ladies that leave just enough of their pubic hair so you can find your way around.Hairy porn often means features where girls have grown an excess of hair on their lower region, but some people, when searching for this word in their search feed, also mean hair on the legs, around the anal hole, the nipples, etc.

This has become kind of a strange thing in the modern porn industry where there are mostly pornstars that are devoid of any hair except on their heads. It seemed like it was going out of style, but a sudden shift happened, and ladies started to leave their lovely bushes, making them more mysterious than ever. One name that pops up in my mind when talking about this is Riley Reid. One of the most popular pornstars of today has a bush! Don't believe me? Enter and take a look for yourself.

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